April 28, 2019

A (Belated) Introduction to Warp Day

Something I haven't yet spoken about on The Norn Nebula is the concept of Warp Day, which is an event that takes place on the discord server every Saturday. The main goal of the day is to encourage as many members as possible to connect their Docking Station worlds to Albian Warp (further information on Albian warp here) and allow their norns to travel across.

Our last Warp Day took part yesterday, and was a roaring success thanks to the efforts of me and the staff team, and I had a lot of fun receiving all kinds of strange and unusual Creatures! Honestly, having a warp system brings so much more fun to the game and I'm really grateful towards Ham5ter for making it a reality again.

The main purpose of this post is mostly to raise awareness, as I know there are a lot of members out there who don't have Discord, and I think it's a really great way for the community to get involved, especially since the Creatures Community isn't as large as it used to be. I am also looking forward to the up and coming CCSF this year - there's a chance I may release something, but I have been quite caught up with real-life stuff recently and not had the time or motivation to do so, but we'll see.

Our next Warp Day will be next Saturday. We've not got anything special planned just yet, but I'm sure the staff team will be able to come up with something fun! During the first Warp Day I actually released an assortment of special, warp-themed norns for people to track and post pictures of in the server when they visited their worlds. It was a whole lot of fun and I might even consider doing it again in the future!

As always, I hope people continue to enjoy this blog and find it useful. See you all soon!

Portal gif courtesy of Malkin

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