March 21, 2019

Ali's Response + My Views On Paid User Content

As anyone who read yesterday's blog post will know, I recently got in touch with Ali regarding the Chao Created Online store and the current status of the paid metarooms. Rather surprisingly, I received a response:

Hi C-Rex

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m actually having an entire month off over the Summer, and I intend to dig through my old CD-ROMs and Zip disks and bring all of my Creatures downloads back online. I’ll likely still have Montu/Ostrova as a premium items, but all money raised will be donated to Child’s Play.

I’m quite looking forward to digging through everything! I miss the community (and the game!) a ton.

Best wishes,

To put it bluntly, I've never agreed with paying for fanmade mods, especially when they're almost twenty years old and while I do appreciate the money being used for charity, it seems that charging money, or at least the same amount they were sold for last time, would be a waste of them due to low demand, as Ostrova's graphics are incredibly dated now and there are far better-looking metarooms out there which are available for free. Personally, I believe the right thing to do would be to release a statement allowing members to share the metarooms privately between them, much like the official breed packs, because let's face it, the community isn't what it used to be, and unless Spil bother to release Creatures Family, we're likely to be in this situation for quite a while.

Do you agree with paid mods? Feel free to leave a comment discussing your views! 

March 20, 2019

A Chaotic Situation!

Once upon a time, several members of the Creatures Community decided to sell their metarooms on Chaos Created. They were: NornGarden 2 (which I actually reviewed on The Norn Nebula in 2012), Ostrova, and Montu, and continued to be sold on the website at a heavily inflated price up until around 2014-ish, when the Chaos Created store stopped selling them.

As the store is closed now, and efforts to contact Tomtschek, creator of the NornGarden 2, have been fruitless, I am going to plan on emailing Ali, the owner of Chaos Created, directly. Hopefully then we will be receive an answer on whether or not we can finally share these elusive metarooms!

Image courtesy of Tomtschek.

March 14, 2019

Nearly a Decade of The Norn Nebula

Due to my interest in Creatures hitting a bit of a low, along with real life commitments and not being able to think of anything to talk about, The Norn Nebula has been left silent since around August last year, and while I don't have anything particular to announce, I think it would be nice to have another blog post after such a long period of inactivity.

My main issue with writing blog posts is motivation, along with thinking of things to write. Usually I have loads of thoughts swimming around in my head during the day, but as soon as I sit down at my computer they completely evaporate and I sometimes find it a bit difficult to think of things to talk about, which can be quite frustrating. This has been a problem for quite a while and I have no idea if it is mental health-related or not, but I've still tried to soldier on regardless.

Earlier this year I was busy working on a new genetic breed, which are essentially a C3 edition of my Albian Ant Norns which I released years ago. Unfortunately I lost interest in them, but their files are still up so I can resume them when I suddenly feel the motivation to do so. It might be nice to have them out for the Norn Nebula's tenth anniversary, but we'll see.

The blog's Discord server has been running for just over two years and I have seen it grow immensely. Sadly, we did have quite a few individuals who seemed to want to ruin it for others, but these have all been dealt with. Those who frequent the blog will have noticed I removed the "Kreatures - My Views" post, and this was mainly to avoid attracting any more potential drama to the blog or server, and to be quite frank I'd rather let sleeping dogs lie regarding this particular user.

With regard to content posted on the blog, I've considered possibly starting up reviews, or the "Download of the week" section again, as I quite enjoyed doing them in the past, and it would also provide a good information resource for the Creatures Community.

When The Norn Nebula/Docking Station Galaxy does turn ten (which is this May, I believe) I will most definitely be trying to do a blog post announcing it. Despite the inactivity this blog means a great deal to me - I've been through so much in the past decade and yet this blog has always remained as a sort of beacon of hope in some ways. Hopefully it will remain this way for many years to come.

August 15, 2018

A Quick Update

Although I've not got any plans to do anything for the Norn Nebula for the time being, I thought it might be a good idea to give a quick update on things regarding the site, and what to possibly expect in the future!

Note: This is a standalone post. I will likely not be following it up with anything for a while.

Firstly, I did a little housekeeping on the "Other downloads" page (what was I thinking with the image alignment?) to make it look a little bit neater. I am also likely going to be doing a check of all the downloads and links I have hosted on the blog to make sure they work properly. Yes, the Discord button doesn't work. It will be staying that way for a while.

I will be keeping The Norn Nebula's YouTube channel, even though the newer version has barely been used. Facebook, on the other hand, will likely be removed as I haven't been bothered to update it since November last year. I will still be keeping the actual page up, however, as it's been running since 2014 and is a piece of history, and it would be a shame if I were to get rid of it.

I hope those who enjoy the blog continue to do so for many years to come. If anyone wishes to get in touch please see the about page. 

November 14, 2017

Regarding Inactivity

It has been nearly a whole decade since I joined the Creatures Community, hard to believe, I know! Throughout the years I have seen a whole load of members come and go, along with many websites, some of which I have fond memories of visiting when I was a child and first discovered Creatures. Things have certainly changed within a space of ten years. However, this blog post is about to adopt a more poignant tone.

As a person, I rarely play creatures any more. I may go through phases of playing it, but these are often quite few and far between. I haven't released any content since 2013, and personally, there doesn't seem to be the spark that there used to be. I am most certainly not done with Creatures, and I think it is a modern classic, but I simply don't have the time to play like I used to.

It is with this that I am announcing The Norn Nebula will be going dormant. To put it bluntly, I will not be posting anything unless it is significantly important. I know the blog hasn't seen much activity over 2017, but I thought I would at least announce it so people are aware. However, the blog will NOT be closing permanently any time soon, and I will be keeping it available as long as possible, so there's no need to worry about it.

Now, on a related note we have the Creatures Community Discord Server, which WILL be remaining active. I must say, though, that I have seen some behaviour from certain members that I have been quite disappointed with - I have never set out to make enemies in the community and I hope that everyone understands that I am running the server with the community's best interests in mind, but I am willing to listen to feedback if people have suggestions.

As always, I hope everyone continues to enjoy the blog, and if anyone has suggestions or feedback, feel free to get in touch.

NOTE: Due to spam I have had to disable comments on this blog post. Sorry!