November 13, 2016

What is Happening with Creatures Family, Spil Games?

I normally try and avoid ranting on The Norn Nebula, but I think some things have to be said! When Creatures Online's production was halted earlier this year, it was soon snapped up by Spil Games, a game development team responsible for a wide variety of different web games. In their statement, Spil Games said that "Spil Games will keep fans happy with a series of multi-platform teaser games starting this summer", but where exactly are these teaser games? The game is said to have a 2017 release, so why haven't we been given any form of update regarding its status. If Spil Games are keeping Creatures Family on the backburner, it would have been nice if they would at least give us some sort of statement.

Again, sorry for the somewhat negative tone of this post, but it's such a shame a franchise like Creatures has been pretty much forgotten about. Fishing Cactus, like them or not, did a great job with Creatures Online, despite the numerous delays, and I still think its a darn shame that the game was shelved, especially after so much hype was built up in the community. Right now I'm hoping that Spil Games are keeping the development of Creatures Family under wraps, but hopefully come 2017 we'll eventually get a proper answer.


  1. Huh, I checked the wiki out of curiosity and it's literally been over five years since we were first teased a Creatures sequel (May 16 2011 was when 'Creatures 4' was first announced) and still nothing has come of it. We're really getting strung along here aren't we.

  2. I personally didn't feel that Creatures Online was a game for me, yet I appreciated its potential to introduce Creatures to a new generation and audience. The worst case scenario was actually a good one: If players didn't like CO, then they might give the original games a chance! I don't understand the silence on Creatures Family, although I'm still hopeful that something will happen. Like Amai mentioned, though, it's a bit difficult to stay completely optimistic when we've been waiting over 5 years. Still, I err on the side of positivity and still hope that someday we'll be given the opportunity to introduce new players to Creatures. Here's to hoping we get some news soon, though!