November 30, 2016

The Lost Creatures Adventures Introduction Video!

Whilst searching the internet, I recently came across the introduction for Creatures Adventures, which I've never seen before. Like a lot of the original game releases, the game had the option to watch an introductory video, where the player could be shown a bit of the backstory behind the game. Unfortunately these intro videos aren't included with the newer releases, which is a shame because they are quite interesting, despite the CGI work being somewhat dated by today's standards.

You can watch the introductionary video below. I've also posted the Creatures Playground introduction as well - the difference in animation and 3D quality is quite astounding. but it's understandable as Creatures Adventures was in development prior to Creatures 3 so they probably had quite a limited animation budget!

Whilst the Creatures Playground and Creatures Adventures games aren't as fun as the main series, it's interesting to see where Creature Labs were going in regards in targetting a younger audience.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, C-Rex. I never saw them before, and it's kind of a shame they're not included with the games now. How cute! I was smiling through both of them. I'm still not the biggest fan of Creatures Village, yet it certainly has a special place in the series. How can you go wrong with all of this silly happiness? Ha!

  2. I think it's a shame too, these intros must have certainly taken a lot of work, especially as 3D wasn't as advanced in those days as it is now. I always loved watching the Creatures 2 intro, it's probably my favourite next to the C1 intro.

  3. Oh heavens I remember these! The fact that a lot of the sound effects are the same ones used in the game make the whole experience even more surreal. I agree though that the C2 intro was my absolute favorite. I don't think anything else will ever top that; it still gives me excited chills to this day.