July 04, 2016

Returning to an old Creatures 1 World

I don't really play creatures as frequently as I used to. However, my involvement with Jessica's new forum has sparked my interest and so I decided to fire up my old Creatures 1 world! I've never really featured the first Creatures game on my blog before, so I think it will be a nice change as the previous focus has been either mostly Creatures 2 or Docking Station.

I originally had two Norns in the world named Simon and Delilah (Simon is the male Horse Norn, and Delilah is the female Brown Mouse Norn). Later on I added a third Norn named Baily (Horse/White Tailed Pixie hybrid), who I actually agreed to take a look at, as her owner had experienced issues with her being unable to move. Once imported, she could barely keep still and quickly made a bee-line for the lemon trellis! I originally planned to export her after testing her out, but quickly grew attached to her and I think she'll make a wonderful addition to the world.

The first female Norn, Delilah, seems to have an obsession with the Encyclopedia Nornica, where she will stand in a single spot and keep pushing the same book over and over again. It's quite cute, and definitely shows that Norns are capable of developing their own little personalities! Sadly, this aspect is often lost in the later titles in the series, as the emphasis seems to be more on breeding for genetics rather than the idea that you are trying to save the Norn species from extinction.

At the moment the three Norns are currently walking around the garden together - all three are now adults.. Getting them to breed may be a challenge, but hopefully their wanderlust will hopefully mean less crowding if they do decide to have offspring! I'll hopefully have another update on these Norns tomorrow, but for now, I hope everyone has enjoyed this little blog post!


  1. I don't think I need to say how happy I am to see you playing Creatures 1! These Norns seem to be off to a great start, and I completely agree with you about their personalities. Somehow everything in C1 feels like the player has to be involved, and the Norns really seem like they're alive and unique in their own ways. I love that you brought up the point about saving them from extinction, since that kind of gets lost later in the series. I enjoyed this update, and look forward to reading more about this world!

    1. Thanks Jessica - I think I'll be firing up the world later and see how they get on. Hopefully we may get some new eggs, if they stick together long enough that is!