July 09, 2016

A Return to Albia and... a Dancing Norn?

Today I decided to go back to my Creatures 1 world to see how my three Norns are doing. In the previous entry all three Norns reached breeding age, and so this entry will document my attempts to get them to mate and hopefully introduce a few new babies into the population!

As usual, all three Norns were spread out across the garden area, but after a bit of coaxing (and some help from the teleporter!) I managed to get them all together. Even still, the trio decided to venture off towards the Pianola - there were a few kisses, and slaps, but no kiss-pops. One of my favourite things about the first two creatures games is the challenge in breeding your Norns, as just like real life animals, it can take a lot of hard work for them to become pregnant! Even still, it means you grow to treasure each and every birth in the world, and life seems very precious. It's easy to see how one can become attached to their Norns!

Shortly after their congregation the Norns headed off to the lemon trellis - I did hear a single kiss-pop, but sadly there was no pregnancy. Never mind! Norns in Creatures 1 live around 9 hours approximately, so they have plenty of time to breed.

During their time in the garden, I couldn't help notice that Simon seemed to be doing a little dance for the girls. I'm not sure what kind of dance, if any, it resembled, but he would move his arms around and rise up onto his tiptoes. I've witnessed this behaviour in male Norns before, and it is quite amusing to watch!

Afterwards, the Norn trio broke up again, with Simon and Delilah heading towards the incubator and Baily heading the opposite. Simon spent a short period by himself next to the incubator, but was soon joined by Delilah, and proceeded to kiss-pop her. Alas, still no pregnancy!

After watching Simon and Delilah I decided to check up on Baily, who seemed quite happy drinking coffee and eating potatoes. She seems to be quite content, although her walking style seems to indicate she felt quite angry. Perhaps she fell out with the other two Norns? After spending some time alone she was soon joined by Delilah who enjoyed slapping her a few times, causing her to flee in terror and run through the garden. Poor Baily!

And so that concludes today's visit to Albia. Hopefully by the next entry we'll perhaps have seen a few new additions to the world!


  1. I think I relate the most to Baily; drinking coffee and eating potatoes is pretty much my favorite way to relax :>

    1. I bet you're glad that you don't have to deal with a slap-happy Banana Norn! xD