March 12, 2016

The Future of DS Galaxy

As many will know, DS Galaxy hasn't been very active these past few years mostly due to my dwindling interest in playing creatures. However I've decided to announce a few plans I have for the blog.

Firstly, I am planning on renaming the blog to "The Norn Nebula", as I think it helps to encompass all of the creatures games rather than just one and I've actually considered it in the past, but obviously a lot of websites may not be aware of the change and still refer to the blog by its old name. However I'm getting pretty bored of the current name and believe a little change may be a good thing.

NornHub will hopefully be returning at some point when I can be bothered streaming again. It'll probably be ideal for me to stream overnight, as it will probably allow a lot more people to view it if they live in other countries.

Finally, some good news is that Spil Games have bought the Creatures IP, finally breathing some life into Creatures Online (Or Creatures Family as it is now known). They have revealed the final game will be released next year whilst in the meantime they will be releasing mini-games this summer to keep us occupied. I'm trying to remain positive that they will do the creatures series the justice is deserves.

I guess that brings today's blog post to a close. I will try and get everything sorted by next month at least but in the meantime I hope everyone continues to enjoy DS Galaxy.

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