January 21, 2016

Helen's Bibble Directory and SeeYou7.net - The End of an Era

It's always sad when a creatures website closes down for good, and it's a great shame that two fantastic websites, Helen's Bibble Directory and SeeYou7.net, have finally been lost after all these years.

SeeYou7.net was a great website, offering a directory of Norn, Grendel and Ettin breeds released for each game, along with a wide selection of COBs and other items. Helen's Bibble Directory was one of my favourite websites for gathering downloads when I first got into Creatures 2, and I loved the design and the fact it was packed full of fun features. It was definitely a far cry from a lot of creatures sites from the late 90s!

Unfortunately despite contacting Helen via her Twitter (Sparkleblue's email address is reportedly not working, so I never tried it) I have yet to hear any info on the status of Helen's Bibble Directory, and it seems that barely any of the downloads have been archived. I myself have quite a few that I downloaded within the past year, along with a couple of CD-ROMs I used to use to download things on during my highschool days (to cut a long story short, I broke the memory stick I had been using previously and so had to resort to CDs) that may contain a few more of Helen's downloads.

I will be keeping the wiki pages for Helen's downloads updated with my own links to her downloads, should I come across them. If Helen herself reads this blog post, and would like to discuss this, feel free to email me on the email I provided on the about page.

On another subject, I should hopefully get NornHub up and running again soon once I fix my installation of C3/DS on my laptop.


  1. Dude, that's so sad. I loved both sites and even when I didn't need anything I'd visit Helens bibble dir for the color variations of creatures to look at.

    1. I agree! I always used to visit Helen's site back when I first got into Creatures 2 and sometimes used to sneakily download things while my dad wasn't looking (we had dial-up back then so we couldn't always have our internet on).