May 31, 2014

Happy Fifth Birthday to Docking Station Galaxy

Today marks five years since Docking Station Galaxy began way back in 2009. I originally began the website as a successor to my previous attempt at a Creatures website, the shameful C-Rex's Creatures Kingdom. I actually had an idea of what I wanted the website to look like this time, and soon set about setting the website up on Unfortunately, Freewebs (or as it is known now) had a painfully slow website editor that made it near impossible to keep the website updated on a regular basis.

Thanks to the magic of blogs, and inspired by my good friend Jessica of Discover Albia, I decided to relaunch Docking Station Galaxy as a blog in 2011. Not only does the new format make it easier to keep everyone up-to-date, I also find it looks far better than the website did.

Now, I have been quite absent at Docking Station Galaxy recently, mostly due to a lack of motiviation and writer's block. I had a real hard time writing this, as a matter of fact! However, just to let everyone know, I will NEVER abandoned the blog unless of course I fall of the face of the Earth, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim!

In case anyone one is interested, I have recently come across a version of the old website I saved before taking it offline. You can download it here.

Hopefully Docking Station Galaxy will live to see another five years. Here's a big thank you to all the visitors, and of course the Creatures Community!

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