June 08, 2014

Creatures: Raised in Space OST Now Available

Not everyone liked the PS1 Creatures games, me included. Gone were the complex genetics and behaviours, seemingly watered down in what could be considered a poor attempt at trying to market Creatures as more of a strategy game than a simulation game. Consequently, the two games were very poorly received, and have mostly been all but forgotten by most of the Creatures community. The only saving grace of these two games was the fact that they helped many players discover the PC series and eventually paved the way to them eventually joining the Creatures Community.

However, it came to a surprise to me that even though the games themselves are lacking in substance, the soundtrack is actually pretty darn good! Filled with lush, ambient compositions not too much different from the music of the PC games, the music was probably the only reason to play Creatures on the PS1. Now using special PC software I have finally been able to extract the complete soundtrack and host it online!

One thing worth noting however is the fact that both games share the exact same soundtrack. However, I have decided to label the collection of tracks as "Creatures: Raised in Space" seeing as the music in Raised in Space was actually unique to each area of the game rather than simply playing at random. Hopefully this should also help people locate their favourite tracks.

You can grab two versions of the soundtracks below. Bear in mind the lossless version is VERY large, and is only recommended for people obsessed with audio quality. However, I seriously doubt they'll be any noticeable difference in quality between the MP3 and Lossless versions. I simply uploaded it due to someone's request. :)

MP3 Version
FLAC Version

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