February 17, 2014

An Absence of Sorts

Like many others, I have recently been quite inactive around the Creatures Community lately. A few weeks ago I actually got round to posting a video onto DS Galaxy's YouTube channel, however, business related to college work has meant I am unable to actually get round to recording. I have also been playing a few other games apart from Creatures, and thus my interest has somewhat declined (as it usually does).

I have most of the tracks for Creatures Village Reorchestrated ready. However, the perfectionist that I am, it means I am constantly finding imperfections in the tracks and have actually considered redoing some of the songs. Therefore, I cannot actually give a date of when the album will be released.

Hopefully when Creatures Online is released I should regain interest in Creatures and update this blog more often. In the meantime I hope everyone has had a great year so far, and hopefully I should be able to release at least one thing this year.

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