November 30, 2013

Petition: Help Bring Docking Station Back Online!

The Docking Station server has been down for quite a while now, which is a shame as the warp is a highly integral part of the game. Fishing Cactus have stated they will be releasing the original Creatures games, along with Creatures Online, when it is released. However, there as been very little news in terms of bringing the warp back, something that can be quite confusing to new players. You only have to look on the Creatures series' forum to see the amount of people who are unable to play the game, unaware of the DS login disabler.

Luckily, our friend Eprillios from Creatures Caves has recently made a petition asking Fishing Cactus to consider restoring the DS warp to its former glory. Signing it will be greatly appreciated by the whole Creatures Community!

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