November 03, 2013

I Have Returned!

I honestly can't believe I haven't updated the blog in over two months! To be honest, the main reason was lack of interest, as I've found my urge to actually play Creatures often comes and goes. Also, with me building myself a new PC in early October, I got too tied up in playing other games such as Spore and Skyrim. From now on I aim to post at least three times a month.

If anyone is wondering, all of the projects I were working on, such as the Insomniac Norns, are at the moment postponed. For the insomniacs, its mostly due to me not knowing what to do with their genetics. After I asked another fellow geneticist about them never sleeping, he explained it could seriously affect their behaviour and make them unable to process instincts properly. As a result I have decided to try another tactic with them by making them sleep, but only occasionally. This has yet to be added to the genome file though.

Another thing (in case anyone hasn't noticed) that I have mostly been working on is my Creatures Community Audiobook Project. I decided to start the project after seeing loads of Creatures stories that had sadly become forgotten over the years, and wanted to gain peoples' interest in them. At the moment I have received four entries (a fifth is on the way from magpie-angel) and I have really enjoyed listening to them. It is actually really interesting to hear how different everyone's voices are! If anyone would like to contribute, please read the rules here first.

Next thing I'd like to talk about is Creatures Village Reorchestrated. To be honest the version I released around May wasn't the best, and I plan on remaking it into a fully-orchestrated album to create the illusion it was performed by an actual music ensemble. The results I've got at the moment are spectacular, and manage to convey a lot more emotion than the previous album. Hopefully I'll be able to release it either later this year of early next year. I hope everyone is looking forward to hear it!

Finally, the CCSF has been brilliant so far; we've seen quite a wide range of releases this year, not to mention the excellent puzzles an colouring pages. I can't wait to see what will be released in the upcoming days!

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