July 28, 2013

COB Review - Creatures Professions

I've been on hiatus from Docking Station Galaxy recently, but I've decided to return temporarily to post a couple of reviews of various addons for Docking Station. My first review will be of Andrettin's Creatures Professions, which is one of the first forms of wearable clothing made specifically for Docking Station.

Note: It seems that this pack is missing a couple of sound files that are required for it to work properly.  Luckily I already have Creatures Village installed on my machine, so I was able to copy it over to the Docking Station sound folder. For people who don't have Creatures Village, you'll just have copy existing sounds and rename the accordingly. Also, if the outfits are autokilling when worn, you'll need to copy the entire contents of your Overlay Data folder into your Images folder.


  • DS Docked or C3 Standalone


Sprites - 8/10

The clothing and the wardrobe all use sprites from Creatures Adventures. They surprisingly fit in quite well with the Creatures 3 world, although they do make their wearers seem a little fat when worn, and it would have been nice to have a matching straw hat to go with the farmer outfit. Overall, I think they look great.


Both outfits were tested by Frank, one of my Siamese Norn crossbreeds. Below are reviews of each outfit.

Farmer Outfit - 4/10

This was the first outfit Frank wore. According to Andrettin, this outfit will enable the creature to plant seeds of certain plants, if the environment is suitable for them. Included separately are two seed boxes, which when pushed, will be available for the farmer to sow.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck with this outfit; Frank did eventually manage to activate the seed boxes, but didn't sow any seeds whatsoever. In fact, none of the seeds that I sowed myself grew either.

Another thing I noticed was that when Frank activated the seed boxes, it generated a dialog box that I was unable to close, and I had to autokill it. 


Knight Outfit - 7/10

Unlike the farmer outfit, the Knight Outfit had better results; within a few minutes Frank killed his first Grendel. 





Overall Rating - 5/10

As a whole I found the Creatures Professions pack somewhat buggy and full of glitches. The concept of Creatures having Professions is a neat idea though, and if improved, could prove to be a highly useful tool if made to a much higher standard.

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