May 27, 2013

R.I.P. Quirin: 28th July 2011 - 27th May 2013

Today has been a very sad day for Docking Station Galaxy; just a matter of hours after Galen passed away, Quirin died suddenly but peacefully. Up to the point of his death, Quirin spent most of his time barely doing anything at all. Before Galen died, he used to be rather playful, but instead all he did after he died was lie near the Empathic Vendor - the spot where Galen died. I honestly expected him to live much longer, but unfortunately Norn deaths are totally unpredictable, and can be quite cruel.

In the memory of the two mascots, I changed the banner to a previous design that features the two Norns. I am also going to post their offspring up for adoption on Creatures Caves soon so people can continue the legacy of these two remarkable Norns!

To the right is a picture I took shortly before Galen died. It's wonderful to know these two best friends spent their last moments in the company of one another. Hopefully they're both in Silicon Heaven playing together right now!

Goodbye Galen and Quirin, you did a wonderful job as the blog mascots, and I'm sure your breeders, Jessica and sam999 agree.

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