December 31, 2012

Last Release of 2012 - S&M Norns

As many of you may know, my last ever genetic breed release was way back in November 2011 last year! Fortunately, I have decided to release a new one just in time for the new year. I present to you, the S&M Norns, for Creatures 2!

Don't let those innocent blue eyes fool you, S&M (Sadomasochistic) Norns are not your average genetic breed; whenever they are slapped, fall or even wall-bonk, they'll receive a healthy dose of Sex Drive in addition to a substantial amount of pain! But that isn't all. In addition to becoming aroused by pain, S&M Norns also take great pleasure in slapping each other. Whenever they become aroused, they'll become enraged, and may spank each other around for a great deal of time, becoming extremely (and somewhat disturbingly) aroused in the process: imagine Essex Norns with whips!

Also included in the RAR file are two adult, pre-trained S&M Norns aptly named Pain and Agony. Enjoy, and happy new year!

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