December 29, 2012

An Update on My Upcoming Projects

I've been pretty active around the community lately, and so here is a blog post explaining my planned future Creatures projects.

Back sometimes in November this year I made a few tracks and considered releasing another Creatures album, Creatures Village: Re-orchestrated, early next year. Unfortunately my laptop died on me and I only have ten low quality, pretty much unfinished tracks that I copied to my iPod before my laptop died. I may upload them sometime in the future, but for now the project is postponed until I can get my laptop fixed.

In regards to genetic breeds, I have considered making my first ever Creatures 2 genetic breed (the Tutt-Frutti Norns were pretty much just an experiment). These Norns will be much better at staying alive than regular C2 Norns, are resistant to infection and can be revived from unconsciousness from either being tickled/kissed or hit/slapped.. I haven't thought of a name for them yet, but Survivor Norns sounds like a good name.

In a previous post I mentioned updating the Creatures 1 sounds. I have pretty much finished this, but unfortunately C1 doesn't like stereo sounds or sounds that are a certain size. I found this out the hard way after attempting to update the bee sound effects with the Creatures 2 bee noises; they would play fine, but for some reason it would mute the elevator noises. I am however, going to release remastered, stereo versions of the Creatures 1 soundtrack for download some time in the near future.

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