May 26, 2012

Creatures 4 Galore!

It seems Bigben Interactive have been extra generous over the past few days and have now opened a Creatures 4 page on their website! Included on this page are a whole load of new screenshots and the Creatures 4 Teaser Trailer. The trailer isn't new to me, however, as I have already seen it on Youtube, but it is still a great find!

Judging from the screenshots I can see that Creatures 4 will look fantastic, although I do find the Norns a tad goofy-looking. I only wish Fishing Cactus would let us have a peek at the other three worlds for the game; I can't wait to see what they look like.

It has also been announced that the boxed version of Creatures 4 will be packaged with The Albian Years, Creatures Exodus and Creatures Villages, along with a Norn figurine. It will also contain twenty euros worth of game currency and a Norn with a special genetic code to use with the game. Seems like a bargain to me!

 To let everyone know, I shall open a new Creatures 4 page on the blog when it has officially been released. This page will contain information about the game along with many different screenshots showcasing many various aspects of the gameplay.


  1. Wow, nice find.
    I'm very excited about this line

    "teach them to speak"

    So far I haven't seen anything to suggest the Norns will be capable of language like the original games. This gives me hope again.

  2. I hope there will still be a sense of danger in the game. I was always vigilant to make sure my norns didn't die from grendels and disease, and it would be a shame if they took that sense of insecurity out of the game.

  3. @maddie: I also hope that they won't take out the dying aspect of the game and replace it with something stupid that "won't upset the kiddies" like Norns crossing over the "Rainbow Bridge". :S