May 06, 2012

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Seven - A Fond Farewell

After I loaded up the Strawberry Garden world for the first time in what seemed like ages, I was immediately alerted to the birth of a new Norn. He is a fastager like most of the Norns and has a beautiful blue colour, so I appropriately named him Blu.

At the moment the only “pure” Pink Strawberry Norns left in the world were Luger, Mystery and Forager Jr. I found most of them in the Norn Garden with the other Norns, but Mystery decided to stay by herself in the Norn Meso, probably mourning the death of her relatives.

In fact, not much seems to be happening in the Strawberry Garden, only a few eggs are lying around, and the majority of the population are in their youth stage of life. I can only think the cause of this “baby boom” is a large amount of eggs being laid at the same time.

One of the more interesting things to occur was Shadow’s colour change; he appears to have “gained” his Pink Strawberry Norn colours early.

A while later, Ribena passed away. I can only think it was to do with malnutrition, as the majority of the Norns seem obsessed with each other rather than food. At least he’s up there in silicon heaven now with Berri, Forager and his ancestors.

After Ribena’s death another Norn was born, but it was yet another blue-tinted Chichi Norn. I decided to call him Triton, due to there now being three blue-tinted Norns in the world.

Unfortunately due to the lack of activity I have made the decision that this is the final chapter to the Pink Strawberry Norn Diary. It has had a very good run and I hope everyone’s enjoyed it. I may soon upload the Norns from the world to the blog so they are given a new lease of life in peoples’ worlds.

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  1. It's sad to see the end of this run, but I definitely enjoyed following it! Your Norns captured the more natural and organic side of C3/DS that isn't always easy to spot... After all, the main setting is aboard a spaceship! Do you have any plans for another similar diary in the future? It's nice to follow a population like this for a little while, and change it up every now and then.