June 18, 2012

More Creatures 4 News & The City Norns

Recently Fishing Cactus have updated their blog with more Creatures 4 news! Unfortunately though, it seems that they have pushed the release date to Q4 2012, which is around September-December. This may be disappointing for some, but it will give them a lot longer to work on the game!

In the comments section Fishing Cactus have also mentioned that it will be possible to visit friends' worlds in-game, and also hinted at the possibility of a golden egg-free, offline version, although there are currently no plans for it yet, unfortunately.

If you want to read more visit the Fishing Cactus Development Blog in the "Useful Links" section of Docking Station Galaxy.

Coming away from Creatures 4, the user, mip has released a brand new Norn breed known as the "City Norns". Here's what mip has to say about them:

  • Live fast and die young!
    City Norns live at an accelerated pace and have a shorter life span.

  • Fun is for sharing!
    City Norns love to spend their time in crowds and around other norns.

  • Education is important!
    City Norns make use of the CFEm genetic edits to respond to the world in a more intelligent way.

  • Fast food for faster living!
    City Norns love to eat food and fruit and get all their important nutrients from these two food groups. Unfortunately, they have developed minor allergies to seeds from their urban lifestyle so be careful with them!

  • Convenience is key!
    City Norns make better use of dispensers and teleporters to fulfill their needs.

You can get the City Norns from mip's website here.

Image courtesy of Exploring the Ark.


  1. Was naturally disappointing to hear about another C4 delay, but considering how close we were getting to release date with no extra news it wasn't unexpected.

    On the plus side this will hopefully mean a release just before Xmas, which is kind of nice.

    They've also mentioned speech for the first time, which makes me extremely happy.

  2. Well gosh, thank you for posting about my breed! It is still in beta so if you have any feedback, please let me know. :) There have already been some really helpful comments over on Creatures Caves.

    I plan to improve the genome and post the finished version of the breed next month or thereabouts. :)