March 04, 2012

DS Galaxy's Norn Farms

I have recently had in mind the idea of creating a Norn farm for pure-breeding certain breeds of Norns and watching for any mutations or oddities their genetics may have undergone, as well as post them for adoption. Thanks to a recent poll I held on Creatures Caves, I have now decided to farm both Bengal and Astro Norns!

Some time this week I will begin work on the farms. You are welcome to help too, simply send me some of your pure bred Astro/Bengal Norns to and I will use them to expand my gene pool.

Also, slightly off-topic, I have made the decision to delete the Facebook for Docking Station Galaxy; I don't really see the point in announcing everything that happens on the website when people can visit it themselves, and I haven't got the time to constantly update it. The Twitter page won't be deleted, however, because I unfortunately forgot the password.

1 comment:

  1. The Norn farms sound quite interesting! If I have the time, I might set up a small breeding operation of Bengals or Astros, with the hopes of sending in one or two to you!

    Sad to see your Facebook presence gone: I'm not a fan of Facebook, but it's slowly becoming a useful way to bring more Creatures fans together. Reaching new, current, or potential new players in any way possible is always a plus. However, I do know that maintaining it does add on a bit of time with each new post!