March 02, 2012

Fishing Cactus Introduce Master Shee!

After waiting several months for news, Fishing Cactus, the company behind Creatures 4, finally have a somewhat odd-looking announcement:

"About Master Shee, he’s a pretty funny fellow and embodies the “naïve geniality” trait that defines the Shee. He will be your main counsel in Creatures 4 and provide you with all the information required to play the game."

To be honest I find Master Shee looks a little creepy, like an elderly man wearing too much fake tan got Norn ear implants and decided to wear a lab outfit.

What are your views on Master Shee? Post in the comments section!


  1. It took me a minute to take in the Master Shee, since he is quite different from what many of us have imagined! However, I'm a firm believer in the fact that the original folklore behind the Shee left the species up to interpretation: Both in appearance, and in general attitudes. We do know they loved their tea and biscuits, though! Ha ha! It will be interesting to see how he appears in-game. I don't absolutely love him, yet this design is pretty interesting.

  2. First off I'm exstatic they're including Shee in the game. Extremely cool.
    As an old relic of a Creatures player, this guy really doesn't fit my model of what the Shee looked like. WAAYY too human like. I actually think the ears are a nice touch - the Norns would be no doubt created slightly in their image.

    That said, from a purely artistic view, and imagining myself as a new player I think he's great. I actually thought he looked young, friendly and helpful. I'm a big fan of getting games away from brown and drab so the colour scheme Fishing Cactus is going with really appeals to me, even if some will view it as kiddy.

    Although I don't see the physical appearance as Shee-like, I can see the right personality in there. If nothing else that makes me very happy.

  3. I must admit I have began to warm to the design of Master Shee; he looks pretty eccentric and wacky, which is basically the shee all over! He could do with some fashion advice though...