March 09, 2012

DS Galaxy's Norn Farms - Update

I would like to announce that my Bengal Norn/Astro Norn farm is now up and running. Unfortunately, the Astro Norns have "outbred" the Bengal Norns, and none of the Bengal Norn eggs currently in the world will hatch until the population goes down. As a result the Bengal Norns currently aren't available to recieve via the warp.

If you would like an Astro Norn, add "C-Rex" to your contact book and send me a message saying how many Norns you would like and what you want their ages and sexes to be. I will then choose the appropriate Norns from my farm and send them to you.

At the moment I have 22 Astro Norns available. If none of the Norns are adopted in a week's time, I will send them to random players throughout the warp. I solemnly swear I won't kill any unwanted Norns!


  1. Very cool. What generation are you up to?

  2. I am up to generation 3 at the moment. Also, I observed a pure-bred Astro Norn born with a Bruin Norn torso not to long ago.