July 07, 2011

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Four - A Few New Surprises

I have recently noticed that Cracker appears to have a darker colouration than his father did when he was an adolescent. For some odd reason, many other users who have bred Pink Strawberry Norns have reported similar occurrences. Maybe their pigment genes mutate more easily than regular Norns?

I suddenly saw that there was a female Banshee Grendel on the loose in the cavern below the garden. She didn’t appear to be much of a threat, but I decided to move her anyway. There are now seven Grendels lurking outside the Norn Garden. I hope none of my Norns makes the mistake of entering the Meso.

Not much seemed to be happening with my Norns. I did catch Bluebery though trying to breed with Poppy. Unfortunately, his Pink Strawberry instincts took hold and he ran away from him in fright!

For a while I did catch a fight between Nightshade and Forager. I found it pretty strange that such a mild-mannered Norn such as Forager would even consider fighting, but she must have been getting on his nerves.

I was soon alerted to a new pregnancy. The baby was soon born, and when I looked at his history I could see his father was in fact Forager! Still, he was very cute, and the first thing he did was slide down on a Lugerleaf, so I called him Luger.
Soon another egg was laid, this time by Petal. Apparently she mated with her stepson, Cracker. I don’t reckon Forager will be pleased when he finds out! Within time an adorable little Norn popped out of the egg. She looked almost exactly like her mother Petal, so I called her Flower.
As soon as Nightshade hit youth, I was quite flabbergasted when her colour changed from a dark purple to regular Pink Strawberry Norn colours! A few seconds after I noticed this, Poppy was pregnant again. Maybe I should have called her “Kiss-Poppy”?

A few moments later I found Poppy on her way to the Norn Meso to lay her egg. It was quite touching to see her risk her life of being beaten up by Grendels to lay her egg.  When the baby was born, I could see that the father was also Forager. I’m starting to find that all this inbreeding is bad for the population, and if it continues I may have to separate Forager from the group.  I have decided to call this little Norn Venture, after her mother walked all the way to the Meso to give birth to her.

When I took Venture back to the Norn Garden, I could see that another little girl Norn had been born so I decided to call her ‘Mystery’. Her parents are also (you’ve guessed it!) Forager and Poppy. 

The population currently stands at ten Norns. Next time I will carry out an IQ test to ensure only the best DNA survives. Of Course, many of my Norns probably won’t make it, but at least they’ll die trying.

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  1. The Pink Strawberry Norns really have interesting coloration! I'm used to the pigments in C1 that rarely mutate to a measurable degree. Cracker and Nightshade look amazing!

    Hopefully the IQ test goes well, since intelligence is so important in preserving future generations. Good luck to everyone!