July 06, 2011

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Three - Comings And Goings

Berri and Forager’s second child was soon born. I decided to call him Cracker because he immediately ate some Goldfish crackers as soon as he was born.  I could soon see he had become quite drunk. Maybe he had drunk some beer from the food vendor?

I was soon alerted to the presence of a Grendel in the garden. It was only a baby though, and didn’t appear to be a threat whatsoever so I decided to take it back to the Meso in case the parents came looking for it. 

In order to increase the population, I decided to add a Tribble Norn named Petal to the population. Seeing as both Pink Strawberry Norns and Tribble Norns resembled ChiChi Norns, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. 

Sadly however, there was bad news for the Pink Strawberry Norns. Berri had become very sick, and suddenly passed away. I doubt I could have prevented it, as she appeared perfectly healthy when I saw her alive. Needless to say, she will be missed by all.

Within a few moments after Berri’s death, Forager found Petal, and it was love at first sight. After a few seconds Petal was heavily pregnant with Forager’s child. A beautiful dark purple Norn hatched from the egg she had laid. Of course she was a fast-ager, but she had such a dark tinge to her I decided to call her Nightshade.

After about five minutes, Petal laid her second egg. Hopefully it should add much more genetic diversity to the world if I can get Berri’s offspring to breed with Petal’s offspring.

The egg hatched into a beautiful blue Chichi Norn who I named Blueberry. He appears to be extremely inquisitive, although the other Norns don’t appear to notice him that much.

At the moment, the population appears to be standing at six Norns.  Eventually if I got more than ten I may perform a wolfing run to test my Norn’s survival instincts. Unfortunately this may result in some of them dying, but many interesting mutations may arise.

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  1. The second generation of Norns is getting quite diverse! I'm sad to hear that Berri passed along, but illnesses often strike quicker than we would like. At least no one else was affected!

    Nightshade and Blueberry look amazing: I really like their colors! Hopefully Blueberry will start to be noticed by the other creatures soon. Perhaps his bright coloring is blinding to look at for long, though! Ha ha!

    A wolfing run would be very interesting, although I'm often nervous to try it with Norns I've grown attached to!