July 28, 2011

Meet the New Mascots!

The mascot contest is now over, and Docking Station Galaxy now has its own adorable Norn mascots! The winners of the competition are sam999 and Jessica. Congratulations to you both!

Here are my new mascots:

This adorable little rusty-red Norn was bred by sam999. He is part Astro Norn and part Estrella Norn, giving him the most adorable little stars on his tummy! Other highlights are his bright green eyelids, hands and feet. 

Quirin is no ordinary Astro Norn; he gains a green tint when he reaches adolescence! This cute little Norn was bred as part of Jessica's Butterfly Norn/Astro Norn wolfing run and loves playing with Galen.

Both Norns will be given a complete life of luxury in their own world, Masconia, where they will live out their lives in peace and harmony. I will accept people to e-mail Norns to me that they want to breed with them, and I can then e-mail them back along with any offspring produced.


  1. Aww, they look adorable together! I can't wait to see the transformation of Quirin: Although I know what to expect, it will still be exciting to see him undergo the sudden pigment change. Perhaps he will be lucky enough to pass on a mutation that makes the tint visible from birth! Good luck with both him and Galen!

  2. Thanks Jessica. Unfortunately I have recently discovered that Galen suffers from a mutation that causes him to limp everywhere. Despite this, he seems an adorable, happy little Norn.

  3. Poor Galen! At least it doesn't sound like the limp is making him miserable: I've found that Norns are pretty good at adapting to any handicaps they possess. Some adjust better than others, and I'm glad that Galen is doing well. Perhaps Quirin will be kind enough to help him out when he needs it!

  4. Quirin has been very kind to Galen, and I'm finding them both pretty much inseparable! By the way do you enjoy the new design?

  5. I love Galen and I love the new logo! Galen's colors are absolutely beautiful, good work Sam999!

  6. They're both very cute! :) The new logo looks great as well!

  7. Awesome new design and logo! Galen and Quirin are simply adorable. It's great to hear that they're getting along well!