July 27, 2011

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Five - The End of an Era

To ensure the best DNA of my population of Norns survives, I have decided to conduct an IQ test to weed out any Norns who may not be beneficial to the living population. I have also locked all of the Grendels in the Comms room to stop any Norns being beaten to death.

Shortly before I moved the Norns to The Workshop, an egg hatched and an adorable little purple Norn hatched out. I named him Ribena because he reminded me of a blackcurrant. 

It took some time to move everyone to the Workshop, but I eventually managed to do it. Unfortunately, the Norns seem preoccupied with kissing each other and exclaiming how much they ‘like’ Venture.  The first Norn up the lift was Petal, who was later followed by the newest arrival, Ribena.
The Grendels were currently in a huddle in the Comms room, spending their entire time procreating. I don’t intend on killing them, so when the IQ test ends I will export them and eventually post them for adoption on the blog.

When I returned to the Workshop, I found many of the Norns stuck in the Containment Chamber, the door being jammed so they couldn’t escape. Also it appeared that Poppy had laid an egg. If I want to stop Norns overrunning the lower level of the Workshop, I may have to lower the population limit. 

Tragically, Berri and Forager’s first and only son Cracker died suddenly but peacefully near the door to the Atrium. I don’t know why he died, but I guess he’s at peace now with his mother. Cracker’s death was shortly followed by Forager. I guess its the end of an era for my Norns. Tragically, his death was followed by three more Norns: Nightshade, Flower and Poppy. Consequently, I had to cancel the IQ test and return the remaining Norns to the Norn Garden to mourn the loss of their relatives. 

After I returned the survivors back to their home, a new Norn was born with an orange tint. I decided to call her Fizz. Another baby was born too, the last child of Forager. I decided to call him Forager Jr, as homage to his father.  He was very unusual as he was the spitting image of his predecessor. 
As for now, as of the generation one Norns are now dead. It is now up for the future generations to continue their parents' legacy.

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  1. It's always sad to see Norns die: Especially when a bunch of them pass on about the same time. At least a good number survived! The new babies look adorable, too, and hopefully they will continue on with the legacy of their parents. Good luck!