July 29, 2011

Download Of the Week - Gaia

Have you ever wanted a living, breathing robotic pet? Then why not try Lis Morris' brilliant Gaia?

Gaia is a rather large robotic creature who spends her time in the Engineering area of the Shee Ark. Whenever a species becomes extinct on board the ship, Gaia can use her special abilities to bring it back! Also, Gaia doesn't need regular food to survive; just give her some old useless gadgets and she'll gobble 'em up! She'll also need a regular supply of bioenergy, so make sure you have plenty!

Note: If you have the exodus version of Creatures 3, then you will need to copy all of the files from your My Documents folder to the Creatures 3 directory in order for Gaia to work correctly.

You can get Gaia from Ambercreatures here.

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