June 26, 2016

A Small Update on Creatures Family

As many will know, Fishing Cactus sadly shelved Creatures Online last November, and in March this year Spil Games picked up where they had left off, entitling the game Creatures Family. Information on the game has been rather scant, unfortunately, and many people, me included, believed it was just another hopeless venture that was destined to end up on the scrapheap like Creatures Online.

However, I received a notification to a Facebook comment a few days ago in regards to Creatures Family, confirming that the game is not dead, and that "all good things come to those who wait", meaning that hopefully Spil Games will be releasing something this summer! It may only be a small update, but it's good to know the game is still being worked on and hasn't been put on the backburner.

Like Creatures Online, reception for Creatures Family will probably be mixed, but I think it's great that developers still remember creatures and are willing to work with the franchise, and the fact that they're almost timeless is one of the best things about the creatures games!


  1. That's good news. I don't personally have much interest in a Creatures game that doesn't allow 3rd party modification (unless it has really compelling aLife advancements, but I'm not holding my breath for that either), but I hope if nothing else it will bring new blood into the community and perhaps lead to new players trying out the older games as well.

    1. I completely agree! It also annoys me a little when people on Facebook and other parts of the community make cynical remarks instead of thinking of the potential for it to attract people to the community. I'm certain a lot of people will be curious about the older games in the series!

    2. P.S. Have you noticed the little golden egg underneath the links section on The Norn Nebula? Might wanna click it. ;)