May 09, 2013

Pink Strawberry Norn CFE Update

My first genetic breed, the Pink Strawberry Norns, were created a long time before Vampess' CFE (Creatures Full of Edits) became mainstream, and as a result, are missing some of the features that most modern Norn breeds have. I have finally bothered to update them, and in addition to the CFE update, there are also many different fixes that I decided to implement.

To install, simply copy the pinkstrawberry.gen file and place it in your genetics file, allowing it overwrite the old file. You may also wish to use the starter Norns included with this pack as opposed to those included with the original download.

I don't recommend breeding these Norns with with your previously downloaded Pink Strawberry Norns as their offspring may have genetic defects.

I hope everyone enjoys them!

Download Link Here

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