May 08, 2013

Creatures Village Reorchestrated Now Available!

Just to let everyone know that my new Creatures album, Creatures Village Reorchestrated, is now available!
The album has been in the making since late 20012 and is composed of a selection of songs from Creatures Village, reorchestrated to make them sound more realistic. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Also, look out for LilyNorn's review of the album and a separate download of bonus tracks very soon.

You can grab it here.

Read DarbyDoo's review of the album here!

1 comment:

  1. This album needs more love. I enjoyed listening to the CV music while playing the game, and listening to this faithfully brings all those memories back. Great job with this, especially the graveyard track (it still gives me chills!). I hope you keep making more creatures-based music!

    Would you mind if I used some of your Creatures-based music in the background of future creatures-YouTube videos? You would be credited, of course.