March 24, 2013

Breed Review - Albian Bat Norns (C2)

Norngirl, creator of some of Creatures 2's best Norn breeds, originally released the Albian Bat Norns for Halloween in 2009. Are they any good? Read on to find out!

Sprites - 10/10

Like all of Norngirl's breeds, the Bat Norn's sprites have been beautifully drawn, and I quite like their adorable little canine teeth.  Bat Norns also differ between genders, with the males having longer snouts and brown fur whereas the females have shorter snouts, fluffy brown heads and white fur.

The Albian Bat Norns animate well, although once they reach childhood they bounce slightly whenever they walk. However, this isn't really a big problem, and it actually suits them quite well.

Genome - 9/10

Albian Bat Norns have different diets depending on their gender: males eat fruit only whereas females prey on creatures by hitting and pushing them. Whenever Bat Norns feel cold, they go to sleep, and they enjoy dark places, such as the incubator and the swamp.

The Albian Bat Norn genome was created by Razgriz, who did a pretty good job with it. The only thing I don't like is that they never go to sleep if they're in a dark area, which is pretty unrealistic, although it makes them much easier to care for than regular Norns.

Difficulty - Very Easy

I found Albian Bat Norns very easier to look after, and the fact that they don't have to sleep gives you more time to play with them and explore Albia. Their dietary requirements are also relatively easy to fulfill.

Overall rating - 10/10

Like all of Norngirl's breeds, the Albian Bat Norns are an excellent addition to any Creatures 2 game, rarely suffer from OHSS, and are just too cute!


  1. Glad to hear you like my Albian Bat's and also thanks a lot for the kind words, C-Rex :3

    About the genom - we both did work on it,but mostly I did work on it as I allready started on it early,and razgriz had to fix up some things. The things such as dakrnes/bright elements,the stimulans function for feeding/mating was my part - so you can blame that on me XD

    Also - that with them being active & never go to sleep in the dark was a thing I thought could be uniq - afterall Norns themself is quite alien like beings haha ^^

    Still glad to hear theyre on the easy caring side : D

  2. You're welcome Norngirl. I'm going to be reviewing some more Norn breeds soon as well. Any suggestions?