March 14, 2013

An Update on Creatures Village Reorchestrated

Despite my initial lack of activity on DS Galaxy, I have been working on my newest Creatures album, Creatures Village Reorchestrated, and hope to get it up for download sometime next week!

What is Creatures Village Reorchestrated?
CV Reorchestrated is a collection of different pieces of music from Creatures Village that have been edited to have much more realistic sounding instruments than the original tracks. The album contains ten tracks: five from the Creatures Adventures world and five from the Creatures Playground world.

When will it be available?
I hope to make CV Reorchestrated available for download before Easter time.

Will there be any more Creatures-themed music released afterwards?
I am currently thinking about remaking Creatures Beats! to a more professional standard. I personally feel I rushed it in order to reach the CCSF 2012 deadline, and some of the tracks feel quite lacking. I'm also thinking of making some Grendel-themed songs too!

Hopefully I should be getting my laptop fixed soon and I'll be much more active on here. Hope everyone has a good day!

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