February 22, 2013

A Warning About Creatures Blogs!

I've been pretty absent from Docking Station Galaxy for a while now, but in the past week I came across a rather peculiar looking blog. It looked rather like a regular Creatures blog, but I soon discovered it was giving out the official mall breeds for free, which is undeniably illegal!

Another thing I noticed about this Creatures blog was the sheer amount of copy-pasted material from Creatures Wiki. If you are going to post somebody else's work, at least provide credit to the original author.

What really got on my nerves about this blog is its name. I'm not going to reveal it here for the sake of anonymity, but it sounds very similar to that of the official Creatures 4 website. I would like to reassure everybody that this is the real, official Creatures 4 website! The owner of the website even had the nerve to post a link to it on the official Creatures 4 Facebook page!

If anyone catches websites that steal or host anyone else's breeds or content, make sure you contact the owner ASAP, especially if they don't give credit! Not only is this unfair, another user is essentially taking all of the credit from them! If anyone finds Docking Station Galaxy's content hosted on another website without permission, be sure to email me!

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