October 01, 2012

Updated Creatures 1 Grendels Now Available!

Jessica's brand new C1 Grendel sprites are now available to download! These updated sprites fix a lot of issues present in the original, and I recommend them, even if you don't breed Grendels. Get the updated C1 Grendel sprites here, at Discover Albia.

Fishing Cactus have also mentioned they will announce the release date for Creatures 4 soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Image courtesy of Creatures Wiki.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about the Grendels, C-Rex! I hope the fixes are helpful to anyone who enjoys having at least one Grendel in their C1 world. Watch out: Now that they can walk around correctly, they seem to really like exploring!

  2. You're welcome Jessica, and I'll be sure to try them out later!