September 26, 2012

I'm back!

Sorry for the extra-long hiatus, folks. Yet again, I ran out of browsing data and was stuck without an internet connection, but no worries, I've actually pretty much finished the CCSF 2012 EP, Creatures Beats! All that I need now is album art, and as SpringRain is currently working on it, looks like it should be ready to be submitted to Jessica soon!

I should also note that I've regained a lil' bit of interest in Creatures 2, and I'm gonna be playing it for the most of today. If I find anything interesting I'll be sure to let everybody know.

Also worth mentioning is that it is starting to become extremely close to Q4 2012. Perhaps we'll see another peek at Creatures 4 soon, or even a release? Only time will tell!

1 comment:

  1. Great to have you back, C-Rex! Can't wait to hear Creatures Beats and share the album during the CCSF 2012! I keep meaning to play Creatures 2, but alas, I get sidetracked with other projects. One day, I keep saying!