July 06, 2011

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Two - Childhood And Beyond

 Forager soon reached youth, and the trademark Pink Strawberry Norn colours were really apparent at this stage. Unfortunately, Berri showed very little interest in Forager, and mainly kept herself to herself.  In fact, her green colouration made her quite difficult to find, and it took me some time before I her resting in the cave below the Norn Garden.
After a while, Berri reached youth. She doesn’t appear that interested in mating, however, but I may try and bring Forager to her and see what happens.
The two Norns apparently weren’t interested in mating; all they did was kiss each other. Eventually, they both became scared and fled to different parts of the Norn Garden. I guess they’re still too young to realise what true love is!

After a few minutes Forager and Berri still hadn’t bore me any offspring, so I decided to give them a box of goldfish crackers to eat in the meantime. Both Norns took mouthfuls from the box until they had eaten all of the crackers within it. It was quite cute to watch.

Meanwhile, the Banshee Grendels have been breeding, unfortunately. The male has currently had his second child with his own daughter (eww) and they appear to be going strong, unlike my stubborn little Strawberry Norns. Eventually I decided to intervene and use the Cupid’s Lyre on the two little Norns. Within seconds Berri had fallen pregnant with Forager’s child.  The birth appeared quite painful indeed, but she soon recovered and went away to sleep. After her sleep, Berri went away to join Forager in the tree. Despite a few kisses, nothing happened apart from Forager suffering a painful fall when he got too close to the edge.
Within a few seconds a baby female Norn hatched from Berri’s egg. I decided to call her Poppy because she was obsessed with the popping pappus plant. She is very cute and inquisitive and seems to enjoy the cuddly tree. 

A few moments later I played the Cupid’s Lyre and Berri was pregnant again. It made me realise how difficult my Pin Strawberry Norns were to breed. Maybe I could introduce some Tribble Norn genes into the population.

Within minutes Berri laid her second egg.  She then decided to go off and play with her daughter. How cute!

Unfortunately for the Norns, danger lurks behind the door to Norn Meso; a family of six Banshee Grendels have currently taken up residence, and it will only be a matter of minutes before they become crowded and try to move into the Norn Garden.

Stay tuned for the next entry!

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  1. Breeding Norns can be a very difficult process: It looks like it was especially so in the case of your Pink Strawberry Norns! Little Poppy has such a cute look on her face in the photo you took: I'm happy to see the second generation!

    It sounds like the Banshee Grendels are getting closer and closer, though. I hope this new family will be able to survive!