July 05, 2011

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry One - The Births

Welcome into the first entry into my Strawberry garden diary! The next following entries will follow the lives of my two Pink Strawberry Norns, Forager and Berri, and how they live out their lives in my world, The Strawberry Garden. All Norns in this world inhabit The Norngarden metaroom.

The first Norn I hatched was Forager. He was extremely adventurous and I couldn’t keep him still for long! Within a matter of seconds he had climbed the all the way up the giant tree and was playing with the Cuddly Tree I had placed there.  He soon dozed off, only to awake and start playing with the tree again. Maybe he’s part Treehugger?

After a few minutes I decided to hatch Forager a mate, so he wouldn’t get lonely.  Whilst I waited for the egg to hatch, Forager spent most of the time eating fruit and playing with the Cuddly Tree.  He just wouldn’t leave it alone!

Within a few seconds Berri was born. She, like forager, was extremely adventurous. Whilst Berri ate, I had to keep an eye on Forager, who was veering very close to the edge of the giant tree.
After a short while, Berri decided to play with a bouncy plant she had found. A few of these bounced into the pond, which was luckily guarded by a Stopper plant. If Berri would have wandered into the pond, she probably wouldn’t come out again.
Soon Forager eventually decided to venture down from his lone perch and look for something to eat. He was quite far away from Berri, and I doubt he even noticed her!

Forager and Berri soon both decided to go up the lift in the giant tree. Unfortunately, Forager’s Pink Strawberry Norn instincts kicked in, and he ran away from poor Berri with immense fright, right over the edge of the branch! Luckily I was able to catch Forager before he fell in the pool, but it made me realize how dangerous the Norngarden could be. I would obviously need to place the Stopper plant further down, so Norns wouldn’t be stuck in the pond.
Later on, I caught Berri trying to sneak up on Forager whilst he slept. It was one of the most humorous things I have ever seen! As soon as Forager woke up, Berri ran as fast as she could back to pond-side. I really hope that they will both calm down so they can breed when they are adults.

A few moments later though, I caught Berri and Forager both curled up next to each other. Maybe they’re not as scared of each other as I thought.

Stay tuned for the next entry!


  1. Forager and Berri are adorable! Their personalities really shine through, and I particularly liked reading about how Berri tried to sneak up on Forager. Norns certainly have their own unique traits! Good luck with both of them: Hopefully they learn that going near the pool is not the best thing to do!

  2. Kawaii! I love it when other people post about their norn adventures. :D