July 15, 2011

Download Of the Week - KT and the Sabertooth Norns

The download for this week is Ghosthande's amazing KT metaroom and Sabertooth Norns!

KT is a very large prehistoric-themed metaroom with it's very own wildlife, and lots of toys to keep your Norns entertained! However, KT is also dangerous, as the ferocious Rexes that roam around intend on giving your Norns are nasty bite!

Also released with KT are the Sabertooth Norns. These cute cat-like Norns are unusual from most Norns because they are carnivores, so make sure you provide them with lots of tasty critters to eat!

You can download KT from it's own page at Ghosthande's website Breeders Beware here.

You can download the Sabertooth Norns from Breeders Beware's breed page here.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The CFE info from last week has made DS/C3 even better combined with the tips on how to turn off the holistic learning machine and instead use the portable learning machine are just too much thanks! :-)