July 05, 2011

The Big Fat Norns

I have finished my new genetic breed, The Big Fat Norns, and you can download them from here. You will need the Cave Norn sprites available here at Norngirl's Temporary Storage Place for the breed to display properly.

Currently I am unsure if the breed is C3 compatible. Use this breed with C3 at your own risk.

Included is the .agent file, a care guide and two starter Norns named Fatty and Fatima. Enjoy!


  1. Very interesting breed! One of the features I would love to have seen in Creatures is the ability for Norns to gain or lose weight, depending on their diet. I always found it funny to have a starving Norn appear identical to a Norn who was an excellent eater!

    I really like the look of this breed: Nice work!