The Norn Nebula was created in May 2009, under the name of Docking Station Galaxy, as the
successor to my previous failed attempt at making a creatures website. It was originally a traditional website hosted on webs.com, but unfortunately due to school and lack of motivation, it rarely received updates. However, in 2011, shortly after finishing school, I decided to relaunch the website as a blog, a format popular with many creatures websites at that time.

On 25/06/2016, over five years since it was launched as a blog, Docking Station Galaxy was officially renamed The Norn Nebula.

These days, I only tend to update The Norn Nebula occasionally. However, I still continue to maintain the website, including revamps and updating links whenever necessary. Be reassured that The Norn Nebula will always be available to visit!

About C-Rex

My first introduction to creatures was in the late 90s with Creatures 2, but it was only in the Autumn of 2003 that I finally decided to get into the game. Throughout late 2003 and most of 2004 I spent hours upon hours downloading COBs, breeding Norns and being captivated by the world of Albia. I have very fond memories of these days and will never forget them.

In 2007 I finally got a copy of Creatures Triple Pack for my birthday, and went on to enjoy both the first game, Creatures, C3/DS and Creatures Village, all of which I waited for for four years to finally experience. Despite its issues, however, Creatures 2 will always have a special place in my creatures collection!

2008 saw the release of my first genetic breed, the Pink Strawberry Norns, and I have continued to create content for the games (often between long periods of time) up until 2013, when I released my latest breed, the Albian Ant Norns, for Creatures 2.

I also run a YouTube gaming channel. Please keep in mind that there may be adult language!


You can contact me, C-Rex, at The Norn Nebula's email address below. Please keep in mind that spam will not be tolerated and will result in me removing the e-mail from this page.

Contact Email: thenornnebula(at)hotmail(dot)com