September 02, 2017

Creatures Alchemist - First Level Walkthrough Video

Here's a closer look at the recently released mini-game, Creatures Alchemist, which was developed by Spil Games as a teaser to their upcoming Creatures title, Creatures Family.



  1. Thank for this; I was kind of curious but I was so uncomfortable putting my browser though that ad-invested site. Even when I finally got my ad-blocker to play nice with it I left it running for a few hours and came back to find it had blocked some 900+ ads and was running so slowly it was unplayable. Sigh.
    ...I gotta say though, the background music is kinda nice?

    1. A lot of players have noticed the fact the game asks you to disable your ad-blocker when accessed through certain websites. Must be how they earn revenue on these sort of games.

  2. took a look at this mini game. it seems to be broken now. on my browser you are missing the button to go back to your already created norns and the one that goes back to where you create the elements.