August 15, 2017

Where Does The Time Go?/Join the Creatures Community Discord Server!

At the risk of sounding like I'm repeating myself from my last post, I just thought I'd give everyone a quick rundown on how I'm doing. It's been four months since I last posted to The Norn Nebula, and to be frank, the blog has been pretty dead lately - I've not had much motivation to post anything, and I'm not as big a Creatures player as I used to be, especially since my favourite game in the series, Creatures 2, doesn't work on Windows 10. Don't worry, however. The blog isn't going anywhere, and if it was, I would definitely announce it first.

Next January marks a whole decade since I officially joined the community. Time flies, doesn't it? I can remember back to being thirteen years old and going to the library to download  COBs and stuff as we didn't have an internet connection back at home. I've been thinking about commemorating it some way, but haven't come to any conclusion. I actually planned to release a CoB for the 20th anniversary of Creatures 1 last year, but it never came to be. Maybe I could do a Wolfling Run? As always, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has anything to share feel free!

I go back to my third and final year of university in September ( got to skip a year because my prior studies were equivalent to the first year) which I'm looking forward to; a bit of freedom is always nice! Slightly less exciting news comes in the form of, or lack of, Creatures Family. Spil Games have released no news since acquiring the license back in 2016, and to be blunt, I couldn't care less, and judging from Spil's previous titles, I think we'll have dodged a bullet if it is never released.

On a more positive note, the Creatures Community now has its own Discord Server! I'm sure most members of the Creatures Community will already be aware of its presence, but I'll post a link to it anyway. It's always nice meeting new people! You can connect to the server here.

Finally, I hope everyone has a lovely summer, and continues to enjoy The Norn Nebula!


  1. The discord invite expired. Is there another?

    1. I'm really sorry Daniel, I didn't see your reply! You can find a permanent link to the Discord in the right column next to the blog posts.