August 20, 2014

Back to Albia - Entry 1 - A New Beginning

I admit that Docking Station Galaxy has been rather stagnant most of this year. A contributing factor to this is the fact I've had very little motivation to actually do anything. However, I'm hoping to share a few upcoming blog posts about my current group of norns in Creatures 2. Creatures 2 was my first creatures game, and is also probably my favourite, so it only seems right that I do a series of blog entries about it.

Rather than keep all of the Norns together, I have decided to import/hatch them, and then export to my harddrive once they're reached around the middle of childhood. I feel this will give them plenty of time to explore their surroundings and learn their vocabulary. Let's meet the Norns!

The most recent norn is Delphine, a Canny Norn I adopted from the Creatures repository. She seems fairly intelligent, and has quite a unique appearance with her Ron Norn arms and lack of a tail. She almost looks like a Gorilla! Another thing I noticed is that she ages slightly faster than regular norns do, so hopefully she'll be ready to breed soon!

Unfortunately shortly after Delphine arrived in the world she contracted a fever, but soon managed to get over it. I managed to snap up a picture of her shortly after drinking from the water fountain. At least I know she can take care of herself!

The second norn I'm going to introduce is Barbas. I can't remember exactly where I got him from, but he's fairly intelligent, and has an interesting green tint to his fur. He also spoke German when I first imported him, so I had to re-teach him all of his vocabulary. I also believe he is a Nova Subterra Norn, which may lead to a higher risk of stillborn babies if he breeds with Delphine, as she is a Canny Norn, but hopefully most of his children will turn out fine.

The final norn is Aela. The oldest Norn out of the three, she is a beautiful Emerald Norn, and is also the only norn that is native the world. She seems fairly intelligent, and has already met Barbas, whom she seems to get along with fairly well. Hopefully she will also act friendly towards Delphine and there won't be a huge slap-fest among them both!

Eventually the time came for me to introduce the three Norns to each other. Delphine didn't really pay any attention to anyone. However, Barbas seemed to enjoy kissing Aela quite a lot! After Aela walked away though he moved his attention towards Delphine. To be honest, the norns seem to care more about eating than each other. Hopefully this will improve once they reach adolescence!

A while later I caught up with Barbas standing all by himself on the bridge, probably getting some peace from the two girls pestering him all the time! Unfortunately, he later took a dive into the eastern ocean and I had to fish him out and place him back in the safety of the incubator cavern. Maybe another day, eh Barbas?

Upon placing Barbas back in the cavern I was startled to see Delphine was already in her youth stage, which is ironic given she is the youngest of the trio! Hopefully these genes will pass onto her offspring, allowing them to be able to breed much sooner, although I do hope it doesn't get out of hand.

No sooner had I placed Barbas back in the incubator room I found he had crept away to the Island of Love! How on Albia did he do it? Fearing he'd go swimming again, I took him back home and button disrupter on the lift call button. I wonder if his offspring will inherit his adventurous personality?

And so that brings us to a close for today's entry. Will we see a few eggs and the pitter-patter of tiny paws soon? Will Barbas go off on any exciting adventures? Find out in the next entry of Back to Albia!

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