May 25, 2013

Creatures 4 Norn Figurine Review

The Norn figurine I won last month finally arrived today, and I've decided to do a small review to let everyone know what I think of the figurine (and get a chance to take some photos!).

First off, the Norn figurine comes in a small cardboard and is quite small. Getting him out of the box was relatively easy, although removing him from the plastic fitting was quite difficult. To the left is a picture of him in the box. Please excuse the poor quality; I took it with my iPod Touch!

The Norn himself is well-made: the details are spot-on, and the plastic appears to be of a high-quality. One feature I love is the detail on the eyes; they actually look like real Norn eyes! The figurine also had a pair of buttocks, making him look a little bit like an Ettin, and I found it a funny addition to the Norn. Now we know what they're are hiding under their tails!

Overall, I love what Fishing Cactus have done with these little Norn figurines. The only way they could be possibly improved is to make the heads, arms and legs pose-able, but they are still an excellent piece of Creatures merchandise regardless, and I'm very grateful that I got to win one.

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