August 13, 2012

Norngarden 2 Review

Last year with some money I had been given I decided to finally buy NornGarden 2. At a price of £6.99 ($10.97), it is quite a good deal, but is it worth it?

The metaroom itself is fairly large, and provides an excellent environment to raise Norns. One thing I did notice however is that there are a number of dangerous plants that grow, such as the monstrous Trasherplant, which can swallow Norns whole, and the spikey Gotchathorn that can trap Norns, and can cause them to succumb to starvation. Luckily the metaroom comes equipped with a variety of gardening "tools", including the Weedy tool, a hopping, bird-like creature that can kill weeds with a single puff of green smoke.

The wildlife in Norngarden 2 is interesting, although the Tribble can be downloaded for free separately from the Norngarden website. It is also worth noting that the downloadable Tribble is actually better at surviving than the Norngarden 2 version, which often becomes extinct.

Extinction is also a problem for the Bibobird, a bird species native to Norngarden 2. Luckily their eggs can be produced by Wombo, the walking seedbank, but the babies will need to be fed insects occasionally to prevent them dying.

If I had one gripe about Norngarden 2, it would be that the door to the metaroom is located in the Hub area of the Capillata, making it popular with visitors such as Grendels and Ettins should you have Creatures 3 installed.

If you're looking for a good-looking, well-crafted metaroom, you can't go wrong with Norngarden 2. Despite its flaws, it is still one of the best fan-made metarooms out there. I score it 8/10

Buy Norngarden 2 here. Note: The automated password system is no longer working, try e-mailing Ali directly instead.

Image courtesy of Tomtschek.


  1. Don't forget the Safe NG2 agent by AquaShee - it stops the deadliest plants of the Norngarden from growing. :)