July 16, 2012

Funny Occurrences in C2toDS!

Today I decided to fire up the DS world with all my CreatureLink descendents in, which all happen to live in Moe's spectacular C2toDS metaroom. However, many of the events that occurred were totally unexpected. Here are a few snapshots:

Firstly, one of the female Norns gained an unhealthy obsession with the Pear Plant Seed Launcher, where she would constantly push it, resulting in a large stream of seeds! Unfortunately she forgot to eat and died shortly after, right by the side of the seed launcher. To this day it marks out where she passed away.

In the desert a sandstorm began to form, but it got stuck in the small depression where the cacti sometimes grow. Unfortunately, this created a sort of "sinkhole", and any Norns that walked near got sucked in. I don't think those two males will ever live down the embarrassment of becoming stuck!

Stranger yet, another Norn decided to live by herself near the biodome, near the Western ocean. She appears to spend roughly 95% (the other 5% is sleeping) of her time riding the lift up and down, never stopping to eat.

This male Norn came to a watery grave with the coconut that he had been holding onto right by his side. For some reason he couldn't stop jumping into the water (he probably thought the coconut would make a good float for him, coconuts do float, don't they?). Unfortunately for him both him and his coconut came to a tragic end.

Finally, I noticed this berry decided to float off by itself over the waterfall. I have no idea why this happened, but as soon as I clicked it, it disappeared! Maybe it was a ghost berry?

I guess that's enough silliness for now! Why not leave your funny experiences in the comments section? I'd love to read them!

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