February 06, 2012

Strawberry Garden Diary: Entry Six - Beginning of a New Age

Here's the most recent, long-awaited diary entry into the Strawberry Garden Diary!

When I started up the Strawberry Garden for the first time in weeks, I was surprised to see two Norns I hadn’t spoken about in the previous entries: Violet and Hider.

Hider looks like much like an ordinary Chichi Norn.  He also appears to be the son of Blueberry and Petal. Looks like Blueberry got noticed after all! I probably named him after the fact he was hiding in the Workshop during the failed IQ Test.

The other Norn in the world is Violet. She is the daughter of Fizz and Luger, and has a gorgeous purple colouration to her.

After a short while, a new Norn baby hatched. He has a bright red colouration, so I decided to call him Raspberry. He seems to enjoy spending most of his time in the tree house, much like the late Forager. He also seems to enjoy drinking Yule Booze too, and got quite drunk!

Raspberry’s birth was shortly followed by Marmalade, another Chichi Norn, but with an orange tint. He seems to be a fast ager too.
I have recently been alerted to a number of death noises in the NornGarden, and it seems some of the Norns are refusing to eat.  The Grendels also appeared to be starving, so I added a Mini Vendor to the Capillata Hub to provide them with food.  At a population of eight, that’s a lot of mouths to feed.

Another Norn was born after a short while. He was bright yellow in colour, so I named him Sunflower.  His birth was also followed by Shadow, a cute little Chichi Norn with a black tint.

As you can probably see, the population of the Strawberry Garden is slowly but surely increasing, but what will the future hold for our family of Norns?


  1. Glad to see you're getting back into this! I love the different colors of the Norns, and how unique they are in general.

    1. I apologize for the double post! I just went in search of the Pink Strawberry Norn download file, and the link no longer seems to work. Would it be possible to upload the file again? Also, are they more prone to color mutations than standard C3/DS breeds? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for alerting me Discover Albia, I've updated the download link. Also, the reason there seems to be quite a few colour mutations is because I introduced a Tribble Norn earlier on (I forgot her name) and their colour genes seem to mutate quite often.