September 03, 2011

Download Wolfling Run Norns!

For the past few days I have been running a wolfling run in my world, Wolfland. After around a week I present to you the 57 Norns that this run has produced.

Keep in mind that for these Norns to display properly you will need:

  • Fallow Norn sprites
  • Hardman Norn sprites
  • Apple Norn sprites
  • Treehugger Norn sprites
  • Siamese Norn sprites
Also please keep in mind that many of the Norns may have diseases/conditions that have been undetected. Ensure that you spray anti-bacterial spray on any of the Norns in case they have a disease. It is also possible that one or two may be pregnant, so make sure you keep your eyes out for any eggs being laid!

You can get the wolfling run Norns here.


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