August 27, 2011

Meet Galen & Quirin's Daughters!

I'm sorry I haven't updated on Galen and Quirin as often as some of you would have probably liked, but I'd just like to tell you that they are both perfectly fine, and are now both adults and have their own mates: Lily and Rose.

Furthermore both Galen and Quirin are now parents and now have their own adorable little daughters: Carole and Myst!

Note: The Norns in the pictures are younger than they are now.

Myst is the daughter of Rose and Galen. She has a beautiful Magenta and Green colouration, but unfortunately seems to suffer from a limp that her father also has.

Carole is the daughter of Lily and Quirin. She has been changing her colour throughout her life, and is now a beautiful lime-green colour.

For those of you who want to know, the Strawberry Garden Diary is currently on hold. I also haven't really been using that world for a while, so don't worry, you haven't missed anything!

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  1. It's great to know that the two mascots are doing well! Both of their daughters are gorgeous: Hopefully Carole inherited the pigment mutation from her father, and perhaps her sons will enjoy a unique color.